About us

Magi Home was born from Interior Designers looking to create beautiful spaces for their clients.  As designers, we've spent countless hours and found it very challenging to find great pieces while shopping.  We've spent enormous amounts of time, going to countless websites, digging through thousands of products in each category, looking for the right pieces.  There is nothing more frustrating than when you finally find the right look, you place an order, and the quality of the piece that arrives is not what you were expecting.  So we created Magi Home for you.  After years of experience, we've hand picked some simple, yet beautiful foundational pieces (some of our favorites) along with some spectacular rare accent pieces (some show stoppers) that will transform your space into a house you'll love coming home to.  These pieces have been vetted and are from the very best manufacturers, with the highest quality, at the best value.

Is there something you are in search of and cannot find on Magi Home?  Let us know, we know where to find it. Not sure how it fits into your space?  We will help you find the right fix.  Not sure how the piece you're interested in will go with an existing piece?  Send us a picture and we will help you!  Everyone deserves beautiful interior design.  At Magi Home, we not only sell great pieces, we sell the right pieces for you.  The Interior Designers' Choice.  Design Well. Live Well. Be Well.